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Your Website is your blank slate, allowing you to introduce your visitors to the best parts of your business. Is your current webpage up to the task?

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second (reference). In 2015, 43% of consumers said they searched for local businesses online at least once a month and 14% of those said they do it almost every day (reference).  When people search your organization, what will they find?

In 2012, 46% of church attenders said that church websites were important in helping them pick a church to visit.  33% said that the internet was the first place they learned about their church (reference).  Having a good website can help expand your reach farther into the community.

What do I do if we can't afford a good website?

Many small businesses and non-profit organizations think having a website is unattainable due to costs and upkeep. Although that might have been true at the dawn of the internet, there are so many economic options for creating a well-designed, effective website today that the barrier to entry is very low. Click below to find out more about website options and how we can help!

What information should be included on our website?

We've all visited websites that are hard to navigate.  Sometimes the information we are looking for isn't on the website, and sometimes the information is just buried on a page that we hadn't thought to visit.  Click below to help discover the most important information that should be on your website and how to ensure that your visitors find that information easily. 

How can we set our
website apart?

Websites range from functional to confusing, and from beautiful to hard-to-look-at.  We tend to get into the habit of adding more and more to try to make it better, when sometimes the best thing is simplicity.  If you want a memorable website that helps increase people's perception of your business, click below and I'll show you how to take your website from ordinary to extraordinary!